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Ceiling Hoist
Calf Puller
Dog Leads
Water Tank Guage

This recently added section covers those products available at Sport Phillip Marine which don't fall into the other categories and are not usually associated with a marine outlet.

They include Calf Pullers which we were origionally asked to make to the design one of the vets who looks after us on the farm and which has been refined over time.

So many customers have asked us to utilise our knowledge of blocks & pulleys, winches and wire & rope to help them lift their model railway to the ceiling or their kayaks and bikes, or even to lower the door on their beach house. Whilst we usually design something together there is the Harken Hoister product available for generic application.

For many years we made dog leads for the RSPCA and these are available in various colours.

Using a system of pulleys and weights it is possible to produce a very effective guage to show the level of liquid in a tank. We have provided for hundreds of these over the years and with the growth of water tank numbers at home we now offer them to everyone.

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