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1.                  Taper wire.

2.                  Tape up tapered section.

3.                  Expose about 1 metre.

4.                  Cut off 400mm of core.

5.                  Insert wire 1/2 way up tail & tape end.

6.                  Tape where wire starts in core.

7.                  Defragle core past wire.

8.                  Group core into 3 equal groups & tape ends.

9.                  3 tucks and taper x 2 strands each.

10.              Cut out one strand.

11.              Tuck and remove other.

12.              Last tuck and remove all.

13.              Slide back outer to cover wire

14.              tape the outer at the end of the wire splice.

15.              Defag outer back to tape.

16.              Bundle into 3 groups - tape ends - wax

17.              Splice against grain.

18.              5 tucks & start tapering 2 starnds out.

19.              Wax.










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