Sport Phillip Marine Chandlery Supplies
Radar Reflectors
Yacht Rescues
Safety At Sea
(PFD) Personal Floatation Devices
Liferaft Service Stations
First Aid
Strobes & Torches
Fire Extinguishers
Towing Bridle
HypothermiaObtaining Scheduled Drugs

Vessel type
AYF CAT. 1,2
Ocean Going Yacht
Marine Category 1 first aid kit, categories 1,2 and suitable for serious offshore racing or cruising. Built to AYF standards.
AYF CAT. 3,4
Ocean Going Yacht
This kit comes in a waterproof container. Suitable for lower level off shore yacht racing. Built to AYF standards.
AYF CAT. 5,6,7
Coastal Yacht
This kit is suitable for day yacht racing in bays and inlets and comes in a waterproof container. Built to AYF standards.

Allstate Cat 1 Scale "G" Marine
Ocean Going Yacht/Vessel
Complete marine first aid kit. Scale "G" and Cat1a combination complete in 1772 carry case. Suitable for commercial shipping, ocean passage making and extreme marine situations.
Scale "E" Marine
Passenger Vessel
For use by restricted passenger vessels (within 30 nautical miles of coast) and/or fishing vessels within 200 nautical miles. Conforms to Marine Board Survey Equipment Scale E Regulation. Packaged in waterproof containers.
Scale "F" Marine
Commercial Vessel
Restricted to sea going passenger vessels on day trips only and non passenger vessels less than 30 nautical miles from shore. Kit in waterproof container. Conforms to Marine Board Survey Equipment Scale F Regulation.
Scale"G" Marine
Commercial Vessel
Day passenger and restricted sea-going fishing vessels (less than 30 nautical miles) For smooth water situations. Conforms to marine Board Survey Equipment Scale G Regulation.
Coastal 1030
Inshore yachts, powerboats
First Aid Kit, Coastal kit for general marine use in sheltered waters

Sport Phillip Marine services the boating, yachting & fishing needs of the Mornington Peninsula from Frankston, Daveys Bay, Mt. Eliza, Mornington, Mt. Martha, Safety Beach, Martha Cove, Dromana, Rosebud, Rye, Blairgowrie, Sorrento and Portsea on Port Phillip Bay to Yaringa, Warneet, Somers, Hastings, and Flinders on Westernport Bay.

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