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Inshore Distress Flare Kit (for day & night distress signalling) 


Australian Standards Approved.

The Pains Wessex Aurora "Inshore Distress Flare Kit" contains 2 x  Aurora Red Handflares (for night use)  and 2 x  Aurora Orange Handsmokes (for day use).

In an emergency, use Pains Wessex distress flares to  raise the alarm and visually pin-point your position to potential rescuers. Hand held flares can be seen by other boats, aircraft and people on shore.

Pains Wessex Aurora Red Handflare fired at night can be seen up to 10 klm away at sea level and up to 20 km away by an aircraft. They can also be used in daylight over shorter distances.

For day use only, the Aurora Orange Handsmoke unique smoke pellet formulation produces a persistent vivid and expanding cloud of dense orange smoke which can  be seen for more than 60 seconds. The smoke can be seen from 4 klm away in a 10 knot breeze, at sea level,  and even further from an aircraft.

The Aurora flare kit is packaged in a tight fitting, square polypropylene container. The close fit stops the flares from being vibrated excessively and the plastic container assists in keeping the flares dry. In fact, the new Aurora flares are waterproof in their own right as the steel tubes can still be subjected to water and moisture without affecting the performance or operation of the flares.




Pains Wessex Personal Distress Signals are designed primarily for use on yachts, dinghies, personal water craft, canoes and sailboards, but has many applications as a general purpose distress signal for aviators, bush walking, climbing and skiing and other outdoor pursuits.

The lightweight, Pains Wessex Personal Distress Signal pack contains 9 red aerial flare cartridges and a penjector firing mechanism, all enclosed in a tough water resistant case. 




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