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GoogleEarth™ Australian Chart Index

The GoogleEarth™ ACI is a collection of Paper Chart, Paper Chart Thumbnail and ENC Cell data sets distributed in KML format. With the GoogleEarth™ ACI, you can use a geographical browser to view all currently available AHS Paper Charts (grouped by scale - small, medium & large), AHS Paper Chart Thumbnail images, and ENC Cells.

Both Paper Charts and ENC Cells viewed in the GoogleEarth™ ACI contain links to their respective pages on the AHS website, providing quick access to associated Notices to Mariners and other metadata. Paper Chart thumbnails are low-resolution images spatially overlaid to provide an idea of both what the chart looks like and where it is geographically located on the earth.

The GoogleEarth™ ACI is updated each fortnight in line with Notices to Mariners updates. With this initial release of the GoogleEarth™ ACI you will need to download an updated version every fortnight to have the latest data available.

Please note that the GoogleEarth™ ACI is intended as a visual information aid and is NOT TO BE USED FOR NAVIGATION.

To start using the GoogleEarth™ ACI, click on the link below (in the Downloads section) to begin your GoogleEarth™ ACI experience.




The GoogleEarth™ ACI can be downloaded as a KMZ file. This is a compressed KML file. More information on KML and KMZ files can be found at

NOTE: The GoogleEarth™ ACI requires GoogleEarth™ to run. You can download it here:

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