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     A well tuned and serviceable engine will produce a smokeless exhaust - except during sudden acceleration, high loading and prolonged periods at low or idle power.  Smoke from an engine exhaust is usually an indication that something is amiss. The colour of abnormal smoke from either a diesel or petrol engine will give an indication of where the problem lies.  There are three general colours - BLACK,  BLUE,  & WHITE.  Black smoke is generally due to an over rich mixture resulting in unburnt fuel.  Blue smoke is usually a symptom of unburnt lubricating oil entering the cylinders.  White smoke is usually the result of too lean a mixture - that is too much oxygen.  The following table gives most of the likely causes for the different colours
Restricted Air Intake or Exhaust
Piston Ring Problems - worn, sticking or broken.
Water contamination in fuel - supplier, fuel filter
Fuel Injectors - timing, atomisation, dribble
Oil Problems - wrong type, too old, over or under full
Air contamination - leaks in fuel supply lines
Propeller Overload - wrong blade, marine growth fouling
Excessive lower engine bearing wear
Water in Cylinder(s) - damaged head and/or gasket, cylinder liner.  NB Check for air bubbles in the engine cooling water, high cooling water usage, and emulsification of engine oil ( whitish appearance)
Poor Compression - worn rings, burnt / damaged piston(s), worn / burnt valves
Worn valve guides and fittings - allowing engine oil to enter the top of the cylinder
Petrol Engine - additionally mal adjusted carburetor (float, needle valve, pressure regulator)
Worn turbo charger seals
NB White smoke can be confused with steam which is usually present with salt water cooling - especially during high loading

      To prolong the life of the Outboard follow this check list after every use. Some items won't need attention every time. These steps properly done will improve reliability - often crucial in a single engine boat.
     When out in the boat carry a bag with suitable engine spares and a few tools such as Spare Plugs, Shear Pin, Starter Cord, Fuel Line, Circlamps, Shackles, Shifting Spanner(s), Pliers, Screw Drivers (Blade & Phillips) & Signalling Device(s).
Sport Phillip Marine services the boating, yachting & fishing needs of the Mornington Peninsula from Frankston, Daveys Bay, Mt. Eliza, Mornington, Mt. Martha, Safety Beach, Martha Cove, Dromana, Rosebud, Rye, Blairgowrie, Sorrento and Portsea on Port Phillip Bay to Yaringa, Warneet, Somers, Hastings, and Flinders on Westernport Bay.

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