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Downstream from the fuel filter the fuel system in a diesel engine should be free of air. Even a small air leakage into the system can cause malfunctions - ranging from misfiring to complete engine stoppage.  The presence of unwanted air is usually best detected by loosening the bleeder screw or other plug at the high pressure fuel pump and seeing if the escaping fuel contains small bubbles or is cloudy in appearance. An alternative place to check is at a fuel line connection / join upstream of the injectors.  If the engine is allowed to run out of fuel trouble can be expected as air is likely to enter the system.  Therefore it is a good idea to keep a minimum level of about one fifth in the tank.
     To remove the air from the fuel system open the line at the filter and operate the priming pump until the fuel trickle from the line or bleeder screw is clear of bubbles. When the fuel is clear close off and repeat the procedure at other points in the system upstream of the injectors.  If an injector line is loosened the engine will need to be turned over by hand.
     Each diesel engine will have slightly different recommended methods for bleeding fuel lines.  The manual should be read and the procedure practiced in calm water so that if it needs to be done in rough conditions the risk of confusion is reduced.








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