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There have been a number of Measurement rating systems over the years including the International Offshore Rule (IOR), Channel Rating System (CHS) and the International Measurement System (IMS). During the late 1980’s the Channel Rating System attracted approximately 90 yachts and this rating rule was replaced with the introduction of the International Measurement System. During the mid 1990’s there was a rapid decline in the numbers of boats sailing on IMS and the demand for a new rule, that could provide a single figure measurement rating for club and interclub use at a reasonable cost, became a priority. During the 1996/7 season Sandringham Yacht Club and Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron became interested in testing the Channel Rating System (CHS) again. A fleet of 15 boats were measured for CHS at Sandringham in order to evaluate the results over the summer racing season. Unfortunately the results were not satisfactory as the rule appeared to favour several classes and discussions with the Royal Ocean Racing Club Rating office held at Sandringham in March 1997 were no t able to resolve the problems. Royal Ocean Racing Club subsequently relaunched the Channel Rating System as the IRC and IRM systems in January 2000. During August 1997 the Victorian Yachting Council supported the formation of a committee under the Chairmanship of John Chatham to establish a new, Australian, measurement based rating system. Peter Brazier, with a background in computer programming created the initial algorithm and database with the support of others including Lowa Paszko, John Chatham and John Duffin. The Yachting Victoria Measurement Rating Committee was established and appointed Measurers in order to create a database for the Australian Measurement System (AMS). AMS was registered as a trademark of Yachting Victoria in 1998 and over the years a Yachting Victoria Measurement Rating Office has been established to administer the system. During early 2009 Sally Amond has taken over Rating Office Administration. The AMS ratings have been incorporated into many Yachting Victoria, Ocean Racing Club of Victoria and other club events since the 1997/8 sailing season. It has also been used in other states including the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania.

As much of the AMS is operated on a voluntary basis the costs can be minimised. The support of AMS approved measurers including John Duffin, Lowa Paszko, Angus Fletcher, Ross Chisholm, Peter Coleman,Trevor Casey and Anthony Micheletto has been essential to the long term success of the system. In addition, Lowa Paszko has entered data into the program and generated the certificates for virtually all of the thousands of measurements for the boats that have been rated since 1997 and Heather Cameron provided great adminstrative support in the YV Measurement Rating Office for many years. During 2007 the Committee was approached by Richard Parkes on behalf of the newly formed Australian Sportsboat Association (ASBA), with a request to develop a measurement system specifically for the rapidly growing sportsboat fleet. As the AMS was specifically designed for keelboats it was decided that the only way to create a measurement Rating for sports boats that recognised their unique and experimental characteristics was through the development of a separate system. This system is now called the Sportsboat Measurement System (SMS) and the number of rated boats has grown rapidly throughout 2008 and 2009.

Cameron Rae with Peter and Tom Coleman were instrumental in helping to establish the rating system and measurers have been appointed in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Airlie Beach race week adopted the SMS in 2008 and continued the sportsboat fleet in 2009. During the past year the number of Measurers covering both systems nationally has increased to 19 and Jeff Cordell is currently measuring the keelboat fleet in Hobart.There is a lot of interest in AMS racing in Tasmania following a presentation there in July 2009 on AMS by John Duffin. A great deal of algorithm development has occurred during the winter of 2009 and new programs have been written to incorporate these improvements.

As an additional service, volunteers mentioned above also organise a keelboat weighing day in Melbourne during September of each year and this event provides a low cost opportunity for owners to weigh their boats prior to each summer season.


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