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After welcoming 2010 its time now to get back to our passion.Many anglers have flocked to Port Phillip to try their luck on the many species available.

Snapper catches have been consistant with the best reports bragging of fish to six kilo. These guys have been fishing in deep water off Mornington and Mt Eliza. These fish were taken on a mix of fresh squid, pilchards, silver whitting and large soft plastics.

Whitting have apeared arund the shallows at Safety beach and also have been taken around Bird rock with pippies being the best bait.

Quaility Gummy sharks to 12 kilo have been taken on the edge of the South channel Around Dromana.

My tip.

Grab your torch, lantern or head lamp and try fishing at night.From a boat or land based, fishing at night has been very productive.Snapper and gummies are the main night time targets but gars are also on the move at that time.

The cover of darkness gives these fish confidece to feed well.


A mixed bag of weather has brought us a mixed bag of fish.
I am being flooded with reports of Snapper catches from all over the bay.  Squid and pilchards seem to be the most popular baits but many are trying thier luck with plastic baits. The berkly gulp seven inch jerk shad in the "smelt" colour has been working well.
    Whiting have been taken from the small Jetty in Mornington harbour with one angler catching six in a few hours on Wednesday.
Charter boats in Mornington have also been catching thier fair share. 
Billy from "Relax go fishing"  reports of fantastic summer fishing with plenty of Snapper being caught.
Some great big Gummies have been caught locally, with one angler reporting a fish over four feet long.  
Gars are still being caught, there are plenty of squid around and i am getting reports of Salmon too.
    This is a great time of year for fishing. It isnt often i can report on six different species in the one article. Port Phillip bay is a great recourse for the Amature angler and at this time of the year it is absolutly on fire.
My tip.
When chasing Gummies, fish the full moon. Offer several baits. Pilchards, slab baits and dont forget cured eel.
Be patient and limit the boat noise.
Use 2x strong hooks in suicide pattern. Size 6/0 or 7/0. With the smallest amount of weight practicle.


This week has seen some great catches throughout the bay.
Snapper have flooded Port Phillip bay with Anglers reporting catches from St.Kilda to Sorrento.
Most reports are of fish around the two to three kilo mark but some bigger specimens have been reported up to eight kilo's.
If you want to catch some Snapper, now is the time. The water temp has risen to a level where Snapper are feeding well all around the bay.
Most baits are working well with silver witing and pilchards being the most popular.
    Some great salmon around the 1 kilo mark have been schooloing up around Sunnyside beach.
Trolling lures and casting white bait has been the best method for these little fighters.
    Wednesday afternoon saw a flurry of activity as a man with a kayak rushed from the harbour to lend a hand to his mate, also in a kayak,
 that had been in a major battle with a very unhappy Thresher shark. The shark was estimated to be about 6 feet long and looked very impressinve as
it was brought to shore upon the lap of a very exhausted kayaker.
Just think about the effort it would have taken to subdue a shark of this size in an open kayak.
Hats of and well done to this angler.
My Tip.
Dont over-do your burley.
A small amount often, rather than lots at a time.
We want to attract the fish, not feed them.


Some fantastic boating weather this week, has seen many anglers flocking to our ramps, piers and beaches.
At Mornington, the car park fills early with the keenest anglers up and at em by 4am.
Snapper are being caught in reasonable numbers but as our weather heats up and the water teperature rises, these fish will start to flood the Southern end of the Bay.
Calm weather has seen the snapper seek deeper water to gain confidence to feed. The 19 meter mark from Frankston through to Mornington has been producing some fantastic catches with many anglers catching their bag limit.
Most baits are fishing well.     Garfish are still plentiful, with the piers being very productive. Silver fish and Maggots being the most productive baits.
    Squid are being caught at Mornington harbour with the cooler hours of the evening being the best time. Pink jigs seem to be the flavour this week.
My tip.
What bait to use for Snapper.
Remember to mix things up a little. Offer a couple types of baits rather than one. Snapper will take almost anything if presented well.
Pilchards, garfish, couta fillets, silver whiting, squid, blue bait, sauris or yakkas.
They all work.
Present your bait as it would look naturally and ensure the point of the hook is exposed


Snapper fever has reached the Peninsula!
Better conditions have seen many anglers flooding the Peninsula chasing Big Red.
The boat ramps fill quickly in the Morning, so prepare your gear the night before and get there early to avoid long queues and full car parks.
Fishing deep, at around 19 meters, directly off Frankston pier has seen some anglers catching fish up to 4 kilo, and plenty of them.
The Northern end of the Mt Martha, mussel farm is still fishing well with plenty of smaller fish mixed with the bigger.
There are plenty of small Garfish around the Southern part of the bay which make great Snapper bait. 
Pinkies are being taken on the inner reefs around Mount Martha with natural and plastic baits.
My Tip.
Take care with your bait presentation. A bait should look as natural as possible.
Make sure the point of your hook is exposed. Don't bury it.
Don't limit yourself to one type of bait, Offer several.


With a mixed bag of weather this week, we have a mixed bag of results.
On the wild offshore days we have had more reports of good sized Snapper being bagged at Mornington pier.
During these conditions Snapper gain the confidence to feed close to shore, becomming a very viable landbased target.
Snapper up to 5 kilo have been caught recently and a fish that size makes a formidable aponent from any land based location.
    Garfish seem to be back in abundance. Gars make awsome Snapper baits and the bigger fish are great tucker. A very sweet delicate flesh.
Gars are best caught on a size 12 long shank hook, with silverfish or maggots the prefered bait.
    Some good squid have been taken from the Mornington area but with the recent rain they will no doubt be scarce for a few days.
Remember that the darker coloured jigs work best in murky rain affected water.
My tip.
Try working soft plastics around the reefs between Mornington and Mount Martha, The Berkley 3 inch minnow in the Neuclear chicken colour would be a good
choice to start with.
As the weather warms up these reefs will be teaming with pinkies and nothing beats chassing these fish on light gear.


With a break in the weather this week, we have seen many anglers flock to the peninsula in search of big red.
One angler at Mornington described the fishing as " a bit hit and miss at the moment" " Its hard enough finding
them but then trying to get them to feed requires a lot of patience, he said.
    The marks off Ansetts boat shed in Mt Eliza have produced some good sized snapper with the biggest i have heard around the 4.5kg mark.
Also the northern end of the mussel farm in Mt Martha has been producing some smaller fish around the 40cm mark.
Try a mixture of baits. While softer baits like pilchards are great for smaller fish, nothing temps a big red like a well presented whole gar or squid.
 Mornington pier is fishing well.  Last saturday one angler landed a snapper of about 4.5kg. He was fishing on the inside of the pier using pilchards as bait.
Mornington pier is also producing some good squid and couta early in the morning.
My Tip.
When fishing for snapper, use a mixture of smaller softer smaller baits like pilchards and larger baits like whole gars and couta heads.
If your sure there are fish below you and nothing is bitting, wait until the tide changes.


With the weather starting to turn, we have seen some early season punters trying their luck.
I am getting reports of pinkies throughout the bay but, the best action seems to be down south.
While most of the people I have talked to were very cagey about exact locations, nearly all of them were fishing the southern end of the bay.
These guys are bragging about lovely new season snapper to 5 kilos.
As I said last week........... Its' game on guys.
Most of these fish were caught with fresh squid and silver whiting, but one bloke who launched his tinny from Sorrento used nothing but soft plastics with awesome results.
Some perfect bait sized squid have been taken from Mornington pier with the new  Yo-Zuri  " flash baby " jigs working extremely well.
Rig them on a dropper rig with a small sinker at the bottom. These are great jigs for smaller squid.


Once again this week has been a shocker!
It is a case of the storm before the calm in not so sunny Mornington. 
The tea tree is starting to flower and anglers across Victoria are waiting with baited breath to get out amongst it and tangle with BIG RED.
By now your trailer bearings would have been renewed, your engine serviced and your boat in tip top condition.
You would have checked all the dates on your flares and fire extinguisher, tested your torch and sent your inflatable life jackets in for their annual service.
Your tackle box replenished and reels serviced.
With everything ready to go.........It's game on.
Pinkies around 35cm have been caught around the northern tip of the mussel farm off Mt Martha.
This can be a very productive area. Early or late season, but slows down around the hotter months.
Salmon around Martha cove are again hitting the scales at up to 3kg. These are quality sport fish and should be targeted more often.
At 3kg the are a formidable opponent on light gear with soft plastics.
My tip.
Store this number in your Mobile. 0419 233 999
This is the number for Mornington Volunteer Marine Rescue.
This dedicated team of locals will save your butt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Never be afraid to call. These guys do what they do because they love it !
Support them when you can.


 Well, it's been another week of foul Victorian weather with damaging winds, hail, and rain keeping us from what we love to do.
Over the past week i have seen large flocks of diving birds around the peninsula. This means the anual influx of bait fish to Port Phillip has started to arrive.
The salmon will be hot on the heels of these bait fish so try lures or plastics of a similar size. Some of the darker coloured Berkley three inch minnows should do the trick.
Tim Boyd reports catching whiting over 30cm around the reefs at Mount Matha, taking home a nice feed of five fish.
There have been some sketchy reports of small snapper being caught from the rocks near safety beach.
My Tip.
During a Westerly storm, try fishing for early season snapper from the rocks near the end of Hearn Rd.


Quite a bit of activity reported this week despite the weather again being a bit on the ordinary side.

Some Silver Trevally has been taken off Mornington Pier using Prawns and a few nice Pinkies have been taken on Pilchards. Still some Garfish and quite a few Squid are around.

Fishing from kayaks is becoming one of the fastest growing recreational sports in the world and I had a report from Pete and Scot about some good Salmon being taken around the entrance to Martha Cove and a monster Bream hooked, played and lost on a soft plastic bass yabby lure in Patterson River. There was a large school of Bream there but they were not really interested in plastics. I think we will keep and eye on the activities of Pete and Scott and report them to you.

My Tip: Get yourself down to the entrance at Martha Cove and catch some good sized Salmon but please respect those trying to access the marina. Or go for the Garfish from the Mornington Pier where one novice caught 17 good sized fish with silverfish and was most pleased that he had most of his bait left over for another shot!.


Got the boat in for a couple of hours yesterday morning. Plenty of whiting around Mt Martha rocks….brought home a good feed of 5 over 30cm, but threw back lots undersize.


Not great weather for fishing this past week with very strong Northerlies but spring is only three weeks away and we can look forward to warmer weather and better fishing.

Until then keep trying for Salmon; there are still some good-sized fish to be caught on blue bait, white bait or a sparkling lure.

There are still good numbers of garfish around and if you catch more than you can eat, freeze them for Snapper bait.

Keep trying for Squid, you may be lucky. Remember to use small jigs (1.8) for Mornington Pier and larger jigs for further down the bay towards Sorrento. Plenty of good recipes for Squid are available on-line or in recipe books, so use the tubes for eating and freeze the heads for the coming Snapper season.

When fishing is not so good it is an excellent opportunity to carry out essential maintenance on your fishing gear and boat to be ready for when the fish start biting.

 My Tip: When fishing for garfish use a size 12 long shank hook with a float with silverfish for bait suspended a metre under the float.


While most of us huddle in front of the heater awaiting spring, some die-hards are braving the cold windy conditions to bring home some quality fish.

Winter has brought some good-sized salmon (Bay trout) into the bay with catches up to 2kg being reported. The best baits are white or blue bait, although any shiny reflective lure can be just as productive. On the surf beaches, try a two-hook paternoster rig with a popper on the bottom and bait on the top.

There are still plenty of Garfish around the piers and jetties with calmer nights producing most catches. Gar’s are not only great tucker but also awesome Snapper bait. Try freezing them in layers of newspaper to stop freezer burn to your baits. Gummies have been scarce locally but one angler that tried was surprised by a 5kg Snapper.

As usual, there are plenty of squid to be taken from Mornington pier, with smaller brown jigs being preferred.

My tip.

After rain, try for Bream around the entrance to Martha Cove marina. Remember to keep far away enough to not impede inbound traffic.

Send your fishing report to and we will upload it to this section promptly.












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