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Selection by Bottom Type
  RockReef Weed Sand Mud Moorings Jet-skis Beach 
Admiralty  √ √      
Danforth (Sand)  x  x √    
Dreadnought  √ √      
Folding        √ 
Grapnel    √     
Manson  √ √ √ √ √   
Plough     √ √   
Reef  x √ x x x   
Rocna  √ √ √ √ √   
SARCA  √ √ √ √ √   
Stingray       √  
Wombat         √


No one rode does the job for all boats. Each anchor rode is a combination of characteristics that must be chosen for a given type of boating. Ideally, an anchor rode would have the following attributes:

  • Strength, so it can resist tremendous tension.
  • Stretch, so it can absorb the jerking motion caused by wind and waves.
  • Weight, so the pull on the anchor is horizontal and not upward.
  • Abrasion resistance, so it does not get worn by rocks or coral.
  • Compatibility with windlasses, so you can utilize them to weigh anchor.
  • Lightweight construction, so the trim of your boat is not affected.
  • Rot resistance, so you don’t have to replace it frequently.
  • Affordability, so you can afford to go boating!

Unfortunately, no one material combines all of these attributes (especially being simultaneously light and heavy), so we generally end up using one or more materials in partnership or we select the one material which offers the best compromise.

  • “Normal” boats can use 3mm diameter for every 3mtrs of boat length
  • Chain should be half the line diameter (12mm nylon line would be matched to 6mm chain)
  • Use shackles one size larger than the chain (6mm chain should use 8mm shackles


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